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 I'm using 3DInteroperability 2016 CGM API code whilst calling SPAIopProductStructureExporter.Export method I get a message to the command window


Cannot open library CATMeasureGeometry.dll


And also a popup dialog that says "The Program can't start because CATMeasureServices.dll is missing from your computer"


This is annoying as it hands the process untill you press the OK button but the export finishes and the expected CATProducts / CATParts are produced


Any suggestions on cause and how to avoid would be appreciated

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Re: CATMeasureSettings.dll

Hi Gary, 


I am pleased to know that you identified a solution for this. I noticed the support incident but I see you discovered the cause the very next day.

Feel free to post the results if you like as it may assist other users at some point. 


Cheers - Lance