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Correct linking of catia 5 in a dll (vs 2008)

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I'm trying to figure out how to correctly link catia 5 support into our application.


What we have is an exe and a lot of custom dlls (one for each cad format).

The exe will load a (specific) custom dll on demand if we need to import catia 5 / proe / whatever.


This custom dll more or less does nothing more than use SPAIConverter to convert a SPAIDocument to a SPAIAcisDocument and return the entities.

Now the exe itself is linked against acis and iop genercis, and the dlls are linked against the format specific libs (and the exe if that matters).

This seems to work really well for everything besides Catia5, so proe catia4 etc are working fine.


With catia5 however  I'm getting a

 Warning : SPAXCATIAV5Base library not loaded.

and then simply a translation failure when trying to convert.


Would someone have any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong? I really really want to avoid linking my exe against any catia5 (or other) format specific library.


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Re: Correct linking of catia 5 in a dll (vs 2008)



You may would like to visit the page http://doc.spatial.com/index.php/HowTo:Troubleshoot_my_CATIA_V5_translator%3F where we have recommended how to troubleshoot when we get following messages

"SPAXCATIAV5Base or SPAXEnvironment Library Not Loaded"

  1. Run dependency on your application executable and DLLs.
  2. Check if you have the correct runtime. As explained earlier, if you are working with NT_VC8_DLL or NT_VC9_DLL, you need to embed the manifest files in the corresponding DLLs.


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