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Export to Step R24-R25

When I updated my Spatial version from R22 to R24 or R25 I had the following issue:

if I try to convert the attached .sab file to Step (or to Iges, Catia) with the following code


SPAIDocument src(sabFileName);
SPAIDocument dst(dstFileName);

SPAIConverter converter;

converter.Convert(src, dst);


I get a conversion error. Version R22 did work!

If I try to convert to Sat everything works.

I also attached the log files of the conversions (to Step and to Sat), where I see that converting to Step, no entities are found, while converting to Sat the converter correctly finds one entity.

Can you help me?

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Re: Export to Step R24-R25

I am not sure if this is the file you started with, it appears to have been written in R25.


The sab file you have supplied has several check errors so InterOp is unable to translate it to STEP.  It will translate to sat because the file is syntactically correct so will produce a sat file with the same contents.


There are 3 topological problems that are shown up by the checker - log.txt in the attached zip file has the output.  The body is a single rectangular face, the problems are:


1 - The loop has no back-pointer to the face

2 - The first coedge has no previous pointer

3 - None of the coedges share vertices.


The first 2 are easy enough to fix, for the third one, at each corner of the face there are two vertices, a tolerant one and a regular one, both located at the same point in space.  The edges are defined to join the tolerant vertex at each corner to the regular vertex at the next, which is okay for the edge definition but the coedges attached to the edges do not share vertices so are topologically incorrect to make a loop.


Modifying the edge definitions to use the same 4 vertices means that the file checks and translates to step.  A fixed file sabFile2.sab and sabFile2.stp are also in the attached zip file

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Re: Export to Step R24-R25

Thank you very much for the help!


Lorenzo Rossi