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stl file import workflow



The interop documentation mentions about support of .stl files, which are mainly used to store triangular indexed meshes. But I could not find any documentation nor a demo that shows how can one import an stl file. And it's very hard to locate things in the documentation anyway.


Since no geometrical / topological data is contained by stl files, it's clear that importing ENTITY is not possible from it. But I need help about reading stl files to create an object MESH class (or anything else that InterOp supports).


Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: stl file import workflow

Hi vckane,


The main article on STL import is confusing.  STL data is imported by 3D InterOp as graphical data; you would take it into your application via the graphical interface as in this tutorial.  The STL data generally comes thru the SPAIopVisuMesh object.


Hope this helps,