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api_skin_wires for closed prifiles


I have a problem trying to to create Skin between 2 closed wires. Looks like the corresponding starting points are found "randomly", depending on the order of edges which were used to create the wires.

The workflow is the following:

1. I have 2 circular faces and collect their edges;

2. Create wires by api_make_ewires;

3. Skin the wires.


Depending on the order of input edges in #2, I get a cylinder or hyperboloid of revolution. Sometimes skin returns SKIN_BAD_UV_SKIN_DIR, perhaps because the hyperboloid is too twisted.


My questions are:

1. Is it a known problem, or maybe correct behavior?

2. Is it true that this can happen only for closed profiles?

3. Is guide curves a proper way to deal with the issue? (I.e. I can define a desirable starting point correspondence using a guide curve)


Thank you!

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Re: api_skin_wires for closed prifiles



There is functionality implemented in ACIS to choose the correspondence between the profiles to minimize twist.  Please see the following documentation pages.







Eric Zenk