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A question about MFC application created with HOOPS Application wizard



I have a question about the default window sizes and how to change them.

I created a default MFC application using the HOOPS Application wizard, with ACIS support enabled.

It compiles and runs fine.

I need to change the window size and position of the application window, which I am able to do by making changes in the "InitInstance" function by changing the parameters to the function call "m_pMainWnd->SetWindowPos( ..... )".

Further, when one clicks on the "New" icon of this basic MCF application, a new, blank, document window is opened within the main MFC application window.  I am unable to find to code to change the size/position of this new document window.  I would like it to be maximized by default when it opens.

This will help me save good number of mouse-clicks and debugging time.

Any help regarding this will be highly appreciated.