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Error in displaying the body (HA_render_entities)

Hi, all

I read the sat file by HA_render_entities, and tired to display it in HOOPS

But it seemed to show a meshed body. A lot of undesired edges appeared on the body.

I attached the comparison picture between the incorrect body and normal one

Is there wrong with that. should i use HA_render_entity_option

pls throw me a hint.

thanks in advance

Visibility Error.JPG
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Re: Error in displaying the body (HA_render_entities)



It looks like the extra edges you are seeing may be the boudaries of the facet triangles.  The hoops viewer probably has an option to show the facets.  You can get the bottom picture from the top one by turning of the display of the facets.  Does this address your problem or were you talking about some other extra edges?



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Re: Error in displaying the body (HA_render_entities)

Dear Eric,


thank you so much for your replying.


What should I do to turn off the facet boundaries when I import in the sat file.

Why the boundaries were not present when i imported the sat file by Menu -> Open... -> geometry.sat

Is there any command in HOOPs to turn it off.